Friday, April 24, 2009

More about the birds

As I promised I am back to tell more about the birds and show some more details.
The process of making them (which I showed here already) was longer then I accepted, with some breaks. My initial idea about those birds was changed during the process of creating and they ended up to be much more sad then I meant, I am not sure about the reasons, but wanted to share some thoughts about it.
At first I had some idea to create group of birds with flowers, it was spring in the air...
The idea to use this combination came after I customized wedding shoes in these colors; I liked it so much and felt that I must create more with these colors.
The red and white together create very clean and fancy combination, but there is also something dramatic about these contrasts between the brightness of the white and the strength of the red. I like the quietness of the white with all the expressiveness and sadness of the red.
When spring is coming it always seems like it is going to bring new waves with it, better ones. But for me, most of the times it ends up in the opposite way, and make me feel gloomy. It is almost every year that I experience this disappointment. I can't point the problem exactly or saying this is wrong or this is the reason, it is more of a feeling.
Maybe it is this period of the year that is so busy with holidays, that I never really feel like I want to celebrate.
When spring is coming we have Passover, the holiday of spring, blossom and freedom, which means family gathering and so called fancy meals.
I don't know why, but every year going through the busy traffics, full of dressed up families pressed together in cars, make me feel lonely, even though surrounded with supporting and loving people, it doesn't matter, the loneliness is always in the air at the holidays time.
Besides that, there is also all the meanings of Passover and telling the story of the people of Israel running away from slavery. It always seems so ironic when the victims are in the other side for years.


Annie said...

I think holidays have that effect on a lot of people. Sometimes it's just that expectations are high for holiday fun and then the real world sets in.

Meanwhile, your birds are super. Just encourage them to straighten up and fly right with their pretty bouquets!

Paola Zakimi said...

Neta wonderful work, i saw all the processes and they look amaizing!

Victoria said...

Beautiful work, beautiful post.