Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eyelids crocheting

My birds got wings, head and beak, only eyes were missing.
By a small ball of stitched piece of socks I created the eyeballs and sew it to the crocheted head.
The small bird got a crocheted eye lids.
For the bigger bird it was more complicated, as this bird ordered a made to measure pair of eyelids with eyelashes.

I crocheted both in one piece

and attached it to the head, same as I did with the eyeballs.

It was a very gentle operation, I had to keep it very accurately right on its place, taking care of not causing any damage to the bird's eyesight.

Here it is the bird with its new eyelids-eyelashes.


saloia said...

Looks like all went well dear Neta. I wish the little bird a quick recovery and may I say oh my what beatiful eyes you have.


Netamir said...

Thank you dear Mary

Howie Woo said...

What a striking, lovely bird you're creating! Those expressive eyes are truly eye-catching. :)

urban craft said...

wow, amazing job. I can't knit or crochet but I am still learning

Victoria said...

I so admire the work that went into this, they are fabulous.