Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back Home After Five Years

There were two items waiting for me at the post box yesterday. While the first one made me very happy, the second one was a complete surprise.
This lady was sent five years ago to participate in an exhibition at a Berlin indie design store, with a theme of dolls. It was the first time one of my dolls was invited to take part in a show. After a short correspondence with the owner, I decided she was trustworthy, and shipped the doll to Germany. When the doll arrived, I received confirmation, but afterwards I heard almost nothing. I couldn’t even find any information about the exhibition online. I contacted the owner, and she promised to ship the doll back, but I received nothing, so I contacted her again and again. It was the same every time: she promised, I waited, and nothing arrived. After a while, she stopped replying altogether, and her phone line was disconnected.
Thanks to German-speaking friends, I found her home number, but it was useless as well. My friends tried to talk with her in German, to no avail.
There was nothing I could do, and at the time I was so disappointed that I even considered contacting the German police, but it seemed too complicated, so I gave up.
Time passed, and I almost forgot about this incident. Yesterday, I went to the post office. I knew there should be something from Germany waiting for me there, but I couldn't figure out why I received two items from Germany. It took me a few seconds to remember whom I might know in Berlin.
The package was the original packaging I used five years ago, and along with the doll there were two smaller envelopes, with works of other artists, dating back to 2007 as well. Now I have some mail to send too.

* By the way, the other item I mentioned is a catalog of Norwegian artist Hannah Ryggen, who used weaving and tapestry as painting  in a very interesting way, to reflect her social and political engagement. Although she worked since the 1930's until the late 1960's her work remained unknown to a broader audience. It was exhibited at the most recent Kassel dOCUMENTA this summer. A dear friend of mine introduced me to her work and sent this catalog as well.

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