Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Family tree

Recently I have conducted a series of workshops as part of a program held by Tel Aviv Municipality's Youth Advancement Department.
When I was being interviewed for this program, I explained that when creating dolls, there are always subconscious contents that emerge. I told them about my experiences of creating dolls with young children and the fascinating stories they were telling and comprehension they exhibited during the creation process. This convinced them to let me conduct a series of workshops for this project.
The subject I was asked to handle was a Family Tree.I spent so much time creating the model for this workshop: my own family tree. I was so engrossed in creating those little portraits of my family members that I almost forgot about the workshop…
Apparently, I wasn't the only one. It was raining very hard on the day of the workshop, and many of the participants didn't arrive. I was carrying a huge bag with all the materials inside, traveling all the way by two different buses to the most southern and eastern neighborhood of Tel Aviv, only to be informed that the workshop was cancelled.
I was so furious that week, so I just put this in one of my folders and forgot all about it. Last month I was asked if I would mind giving it another try.
It wasn't raining this time, and most of the group participants arrived. I was so busy demonstrating and explaining that I didn't get to take any photos.

But yet I have my own family tree to share with you:

So first I would like to introduce my parents, Tammy and Shlomo Amir.

My grandparents on my father's side, Artek and Irena Amir.

My grandmother Irena was an English teacher, but spent almost every minute of her spare time behind the Singer sewing machine.
There are afew things I learned from her.

Dear and beloved Grandparents on my mother's side Judith and László Somogy.

My sister, her husband, and my sweet little niece Shay and nephew Eitan.

My brother and his wife with their cutest baby boy, Navot

And last but not least, here we are: Gal and me.


Helmi said...

Looks great, I love the cats too.
grt. Helmi

Gonnie Meijer said...

Hi Neta,

what a very god family-portrait! I recognize them all very well..

I think you invented a new art-form yourself!!

good luck,


Unknown said...

Great family tree!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

glad you were asked back...

I'd love to see some of the children's work

Netamir said...

I would love to share them but I don't know if I would get the chance to take a photo of their works.
It was not only girl's work it was a group of mother and daughters, and the mother were creating a family trees as well.
It is pity I didn't get to take their photos, they made beautiful stuff.