Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sock Dolls for Parents and Children

Photos at this post by Mia Greenspan

I have just received these beautiful photos, taken at the Parents & Kids' Sock Doll workshop I conducted last week. The workshop took place at Emily, a beautiful children's bookstore in Tel Aviv.
The greatest challenge for me at this workshop was to make the participating girls (unfortunately, there were no boys) do their own stitching. As it was a Parents & Kids workshop, the girls found it much easier to let their moms do all the hard work. I had to insist that the little ones could and should sew by themselves. At that point, they had to face the fear that the dolls they would create wouldn't be as appealing as the one mom could make.
We settled on a compromise – the girls will give orders to mom, while sewing their own dolls.

The effort really paid off! There was such a lovely bunch of dolls, some of them made by the moms, and some by their 6-year-old girls.
Now, if you happen to live over here and haven't visited this lovely store yet, you should!
The photo below captures just a hint of its unique and cozy atmosphere.

On Sunday, November 29, I will conduct another workshop at Emily. This time I will teach participants how to create these yellow monsters, and we will also create creatures inspired by Maurice Sendak's classic book, Where the Wild Things Are.


lilarey said...

Soooo nice dolls!!!!

Netamir said...

Thank you, I love them too.

Arbel said...

בובות נהדרות!

לפני כמה חודשים בת של חברה שלי (בת 5) היתה אצלי ולימדתי אותה לתפור בובה מגרביים. החברה שלי התקשרה אלי נלהבת בערב וסיפרה שהיא אמרה לבת שלה "לא ידעתי שאת יודעת לתפור", אז הבת שלה ענתה לה "גם אני"... א

Victoria said...

The dolls are adorable, what a great class! You faced a real challenge and I admire the encouragement you gave the young girls to do their own sewing. It had to be tough with all that mom energy in the room!

Years ago, when teaching my oldest daughter to sew, I really hovered, offering way to much input, and "here, let me show you how"... With my second daughter I had mended my ways, and after showing her the basics and giving her the supplies, I walked away and let her do her own thing. Interestingly and not surprisingly, eldest daughter rarely sews now, while youngest sews all the time.

Netamir said...

תודה ארבל, מצחיקה הילדה הזאת
זה מדהים מה שילדים יכולים ללמוד, אבל תמיד להורים יש אזשהו פחד כאילו שמחטים הן ממש מסוכנות

Netamir said...

Thank you so much Victoria for your lovely comment.
While teaching young children I have to remind my self all the time that the challenge now is making the kid learn something new rather than they would create extraordinary pieces.