Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lady creature

Little Lady Creature holds her little handbag and wears her pink sweater – all ready to go out and explore the world. She has doubts about it; maybe it would be better staying in.

Lady creature is made out of unique combination of materials and techniques; her body, hands, and tail are made out of upcycled old socks. Her sweater made out of old sock as well, it has too tiny pockets and two studs. It can be taken off too.The crocheted vest collar embellished with small piece of vintage lace ribbon.The same lace ribbon is also used as the creature's headband and pieces of it stitched the back of her ears.This ribbon is at least 70 years old, it was belonged to my grandmother and I received it as a special gift from her few years ago. Her head is crocheted with cotton threads and facial features are embroidered.

*Lady creature is listed at my etsy doll store.

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