Sunday, March 08, 2009

For the princess of the flowers

Two weeks ago, my five years old niece left me a voicemail: in a very official tone she instructed me to phone her back.
She had an assignment for me! Purim (the Jewish costume holiday) is in two weeks and she needs some shoes for her costume - "The Princess of the flowers"
So today finally they are done.


Annie said...

Super shoes! When I was growing up, the girls were always Queen Esther. No 'Princess of the Flowers' here. Glad there are more choices now!

Netamir said...

Thanks Annie!
Poor you, at my time we could choose any costume we liked. I was a flower seller, doe, Gypsy lady, Pippi Longstocking and guess what once I even was a doll, I was three years old at the time, probably it was my mother idea.