Thursday, November 27, 2008

Birds jewelry

Inspired by the birds I was creating lately, I made these two new brooches.
The Handkerchief Brooch and the bird in the bag Brooch.
They are both made by the same techniques I used for the birds dolls - a piece of old socks added with embroidery and crochet details.
I got the idea for this one when I was creating the winter bird.
I found out that the handkerchief in bird's pocket looks so stylish and thought why shouldn't human get this piece of birds style.
Besides that this kind of embroidery handkerchiefs remind me my grandmother who liked this kind of stuff so much.

The idea for this little bird came after the mother bird and her little nestling whom she carries in her bag.

I thought that the little nestling may be lost if it wouldn't be attached to the bag but I also liked the idea of playful jewelry,which one can change its look and make the decision every day how to place the bird in the bag.
The solution as you can see was attaching it with a crochet thread so now it wouldn't get lost but and remain playful.

For each brooch I sew a cloth envelope to protect them, they are so tiny.
I haven't made any piece of jewelry for long time and I really enjoyed it. So I'm off to make some more!
Meanwhile, you can check these two out at my etsy store .


Faluche said...

your creations are like little treasures !

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