Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mother bird, little nestling and wizard

The birds family was keeping up with reproducing themselves and now I got another three birds flying all over with some weird ideas and demands.
The mother bird missed her little nestling every time she had to leave the nest for couple of hours, so does the little nestling.This morning she had the brilliant idea of the bag and asked my help with crocheting it. Now they don't have to part any more. They both were very pleased by the new idea.
When it was noon time the little nestling jumped to play out and mother bird caught a nap.
This little birdy have a lot of energies in its crocheted hands or at least it believes so. It reads all magic books it could find in birds language and visits almost every day the local magics store. As far as me and the other birds noticed it hasn't much success with its magics but it keeps on practicing, maybe one day it will become one of the greatest wizards the world of birds ever known. Who knows...
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