Monday, June 16, 2008

More about the Geranium

I found more photos of the cloth Geranium branch, it was really funny to see the reaction of the visitors to the branch, some people were so curious about how I manged to transfer it to the Netherlands, they thought there is real branches inside it, so I just invited them to touch and feel that it is all stuffed by soft poly-fill.
From the street it looked like that
These photos were hanged on the facade, it was the most complicated part of the preparation for the exhibition. While creating all the objects for the indoor installation, I used the needlecraft that I am experienced with, I have to thought about technical solutions, and it is true that I have never sewed a branch of geranium or life size armchair before, but yet all the technical solutions came from the needlecraft world which I am so familiar with. Shooting these closeups and enlarging them into this size, forced me to learn much more about photography, lightning, and editing images for printing. It is funny to think about it now, but it was so frustrating at the time of making, and so exciting to see it hanged on the facade of the shaking hand house.


Paul Tieman said...

The great photographic work is still on the façade of the HuismethetHandje/ShakingHandHouse!!

natasha said...

i love the white plants. amazing.

Cecília Murgel said...

Olha, eu vou falar em português pq na nossa língua sempre expressamos melhor os sentimentos. Seu trabalho é realmende LINDO! flores brancas são MARAVILHOSAS!