Friday, June 13, 2008

Back from Maasthricht or more about my exhibition

Photos by Johannes Timmermans

Well I am back home, after three fascinating weeks at Maastricht, it was wonderful experience. The time of my staying there passed so fast, and suddenly I noticed that I hardly told you something about it, and there is so much to tell and show, about my exhibition, about the house were I was staying and exhibiting, and about my new and dearest new friends Paul and Gonnie, whom without their invitation nothing would happened. I will try to tell more at the following few days.
First I want to show you much better photos then the few you already saw two weeks ago. The photos at this post were taken By the Dutch photographer Johannes Timmermans, I am glad to share them not only for their high quality and originality but also for the fact they have other point of view then mine.

You can see here general look of installation at the attic.
This room was renovation at 2002, before it was ordinary attic with low space, at the renovations the two slopes of the roof were combined into one high slope, which creates the unique space of the new room. what I like most about this space is the traces of the old roof like the old bricks of the wall, and some old beams and tiles which were left in order to tell something about the history of this room.
I tried to use this traces as part of my exhibition, many of the visitors were surprised that the exhibition look as part of the room, and I was really glad with that reaction cause I did my best to create this feeling and plan the objects specially for the space, watching photos and architectural plans I got in advanced.
self (The HuismethetHandje) have a lot of interesting stories, I will try to tell more about at the next posts.

This is my Geranium, which I shared the process of making it here, not long ago. It was really exciting to hang it on this window which it was designed for.

I installed the socks room, in one of the 40 storage cells built beneath the wood floor. When they are not occupied by some installations this cells are using for storing the enamours music collection of Gonnie and Paul.

This is my socks camera, with two of my socks portraits.
This is a tiny camera, a- study for socks camera.

I name this quilt work as "Childhood Memory", you can see more about it here. I placed it on old tiles from the old roof.

Here you can see the lower part of the old roof traces with my socks plant.
I took out this tiny cup and book from the socks room and placed them on the old bricks, the drawer at the background made by Paul, it is part of the room and contains all the old nails were used for the old roof.

This doll was welcoming the visitors, at the top of the staircase leading to the attic,

and the dog was laying on his back, wondering what it is all about.


michal said...

It all looks incredible! Kol hakavod!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo's of a very special installation. It was really wonderful Neta, i loved it.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful world you have created. It must transport the viewer straight into a soft neutral environment. I feel like a little girl already just seeing the pictures. Congratulations!

Netamir said...

Thank you so much Michal,Martine and grrl+dog:)

Sandra Monat said...

Neta, this looks so fascinating. So sorry that I missed your exhibition, it would not have been so very far from here. Damn! Although the pics are great, I would have loved to see your works in real and maybe meet you

Netamir said...

Thanks Sandra, and don't worry I am coming back, sent you a mail about.