Friday, May 16, 2008

My Maastricht exhibition

The flowers of my geranium branch are wilted again, I am waiting to
new ones to flower.

With my cloth one I am getting ready for my traveling to to the Netherlands this Sunday.
Here you can glimpse o some of my new work, but I will show you more next week.

And here are more details about the exhibition-

My installation will be part of the huismethethandje exhbtion for the Maastricht kunst tour- Humans, Humanity & Humanities, and will be shown till June 8.
This text is about the human and humanities (you can read more about my exhibition here)

Humans, Humanity & Humanities

Art Tour 2008 in the HuismethetHandje (the Hand-shake House)!

Achter de Barakken 356211 RZ Maastricht

Saturday 24 May 2008 from 11.00 to18.00 hrs Sunday 25 May 2008 from 11.00 to 18.00 hrs visitors arriving at 17.59 hrs are more than welcome.

Nevertheless The Art Tour has become an incredible cultural event. The HuismethetHandje has been in the throng of things over the last few years. No fewer than six hundred visitors made their way to our place last year. A lot of different people, all of them fantastic to have around as guests. This is fortunate, because the HuismethetHandje is ordinarily a ‘common’ home and workspace. Yet not during the Art Tour. The house is open to receive many guests who are invited to view and experience the special Art Tour Mens, Mensheid & Mensheden, (Humans, Humanity & Humanities). Four dedicated and enthusiastic artists have put together four individual presentations of their work, each in a different part of the house. The façade has also become an integrated part of the exhibition. Yet, the artworks will not only speak for themselves. Humans, Humanity & Humanities will be one of the most interactive exhibitions imaginable, simply for reasons of the artists themselves being present to be hosts to their visitors. The basic idea behind the Art Tour, the direct, informal contact between artist and visitor is of major importance for the HuismethetHandje artists.In Humans, Humanity & Humanities you will meet an occasional quartet of visual artists whose works is open-minded and with an individual perspective. They are hardly concerned with current ideas or fleeting fashions in the art world, but tend to combine originality with a high degree of technical competence. The works of Neta Amir, Esther de Bont, Bernard Verhoeven and Paul Tieman often derive from a similar rich source of inspiration, which is the coherent factor between their works. This can be defined in terms of the social communication between people, which results in humanity with their own individual humanities. The artists of Humans, Humanity & Humanities:

Neta Amir
With her textile works and photographic images, Neta Amir, a modest, yet highly talented textile artist from Israel, will attend the Art Tour in Maastricht for this particular purpose. For this occasion, she will change the living room/attic of the HuismethetHandje into her Scraps! installation. The highly individual, almost bizarre inspiration for this installation comes from the daily experience of living and working in Florentine, the rather chaotic downtown area of Tel Aviv. After the Art Tour, Scraps! will remain on show up to and including 8 June!!

Esther de Bont
In an almost off-hand manner, she creates many of her most telling works by means of seemingly impossible materials. She is for ever experimenting with the most amazing bases, materials and techniques in her drawings, paintings and collages. The theme of Esther de Bont’s work relates to hesitant kinds of interpersonal communication. Lately, her work evokes an atmosphere of urban, industrial or alienating landscapes. As soon as she has put a few of her direct and striking lines on a well-worn piece of wood, you cannot but smell the smoke coming from factury chimneys or from the sweat of manual workers.

Bernard Verhoeven
He can undoubtedly be considered one of the masters of the art of drawing. Bernard Verhoeven’s fingers create a kind of surrealist, timeless world, executed with masterly detail. These hundreds of details in his work are each small artworks in themselves, pieces of a coherent jig-saw puzzle fitting seamlessly together. They are the paragraphs of a literary work evoked in images so skillfully, that it needs no words to communicate itself.

Paul Tieman
Practically unnoticeably, the recognizable human figure has been creeping into Paul Tieman’s work more frequently lately. Until a few years ago, his work was executed by means of minimalist forms that were rather abstract. His installations, objects and drawings contrasted considerably with work commissioned, realistic and detailed scale-models. This contrast is increasingly receding into the background in his most recent work. Visual reality becomes more and more recognizable in his non-commissioned work, whereas his scale- models are executed more and more freely and gain more abstract elements.


Anonymous said...

Hi Neta, i hope you have a save and pleasant flight and i look forward to meeting you in Maastricht.

Ana Rosa said...

Today I was conduced here from the blog Of Rosa Pomar.
beautifull dolls!
I also make myself dolls using my own design patterns!!
is also very gretefull to see others work!

Ayala Levinger said...

Hi Neta!
I am very excited! If everything goes as planed I would see your work in person on sunday. I hope we'll meet.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes, my dear friend :)))
I know you'll have an enormous well deserved success !!! Hugs - June Garden