Tuesday, April 29, 2008

carpentering textile

As I promised at the end of my last post, here it is, a textile armchair.
It is all made by old cotton sheets and poly-fill stuffing, the parts are connected with extemporary sewing pins and knotted fabric bands, in order to test its stability and shape. I took them off by now, so I could easily pack and sew them correctly in Maastricht.
It was not the first time I tested it that way. At the first time it didn't hold the shape at all, so I unpicked the four legs and put wood rods instead of the stuffing, it was better, but not very stable, so I added rods in the middle beams too and it was standing almost perfectly.
My friend Gilly advised me to add some screws that would stabilize it perfectly, but I wanted it to be a textile sculpture of armchair, not bad carpentered armchair covered with fabric. Talking about screws clarified that I went too far with the wood rods.
I wanted it to be with textile characterizes, not only a textile wrap.
Looking together at my sketches and discussing my ideas, lead me to the conclusion that I will have to unpicked and stuffed it all again.
Gilly helped me to re-stuff it, and it was her idea to compress the stuffing in order to create stronger rods.
It stands that way not very stable, but just the way I imagined it, soft and a bit crooked.
I am a textile artist, never was good with carpentering.
These are cups I am making right now, will show you more soon.


Martine said...

So whe can sit down and have some tea in Maastricht, while chatting about textilearts................ looking forward to it.

neta said...

Me too

gili said...

thanks for making me a guest in your blog :-) now it looks really good. and the cups are amazing too

neta said...

Thank you for your help:)

Celine TsuiLin hwang said...

I'm waiting!I'm waiting!
would you sell these lovely cups?
I really want to buy one!!!

neta said...

Thank you so much Celine, I will list cups at my etsy store in june.

Celine TsuiLin hwang said...

Hi Neta
So nice to see you again on my blog!
It's an on line shop...
Sorry for the text you can't understand
but I'll try to make the English posting....well,
someday somehow...

Ayala Levinger said...

Wow. Although I was close with my guess this is beyond my imagination!!
Can you send me please information about the exhibition in Maastrich? I would love to see more of your work!

neta said...

Hi Ayala,
Thank you very much; you can see the details here-
It is in Dutch but I will have the English translation soon and will send it too.
Wish you lovely day

natasha said...

i would love to buy one, too! your work is amazing. i love it.

neta said...

Thanks, I will let you know when I will list them at etsy.

e. beck said...

oh! i adore this whole concept ... that chair is awesome ..... lucas samaras is an artist who made loads of "chairs" and asked the question, what makes it a chair? how can it be a chair if you can't sit in it .....kind of underpinned by the whole "is it art" question ..... if it looks like a chair, but it isn't a chair, then it must be art, right?