Saturday, April 14, 2007

Socks dolls

I had to teach at another workshop for the kids last week, I was a bit bored with all of the felt stuff and thought the kids might be bored too, so I decided to try the socks dolls, which I wanted to make for a long time. These dolls are really fun to make, and It's the first time I managed to design a smiling doll.

They can do many things and excersises.

There were few holes in this socks so I sew it and the dog got few colorful scars.
I forgot to take my camera so I don't have photos of the kids dolls, but they were cute and I enjoyed to see their creativity and improvising with the socks.
At the playtime one of the girls took this dog and told to herself "oh this dog is so cute" then she made a very funny puppet show with him.
I was really touched by it.
I have orders to finish this week then I am going to make few more of these ones.


primdollie said...

Oh my they are simply delightful!! I love their colors and whimsy and a smile is great!! and for me as well!!! all your work makes me smile!!!!! what lucky kids to get to take a class with you!! I am sure they love you!!! Hugs Linda

Anonymous said...

Best sock dolls ever!

♥ ♥

Netamir said...


Feral Housewife X said...

oh, these are wonderful, neta! i love the colors! you are very creative!

also, the baby doll says "hi"...


maggie said...

socks are so much fun to use as a base for making creatures, and especially with kids! love to see the creatures develop their own personalities. love the ones you have pictured.

portland maine

Netamir said...

Thanks Joanna and maggie