Sunday, March 18, 2007

Leftovers dolls

I have this box of leftovers fabrics. Sometimes I cut them to 1 cm bands and crochet them into doll's bag or cuffs, It's took tonne of time to make theses bands and then I manage to crochet only a tiny pieces. I can’t keep this box close anymore it’s much more fabrics then it’s measures.
I use them to create samples to the needlecraft class I teach, and I took some to use at the class with the kids but yet I can’t keep the cover shut down.
So I began with this tiny dolls:
I also had some order for this kind of dolls, which arrived right on time.
Last Sunday began to sketch my ideas down.
I don't have much patience for sketching I am too curios to see it at 3d, and become bored by sketches, anyway I always changing so many things during the work, so it's never looks like my sketch.
I though it would be fun and easy to sew them, like making miniature of my dolls, but since my dolls are made by so many tiny details It is much more complicated and challenging to miniaturizing the dolls, the garments and accessories.
As every miniature they becoming very cute, but I yet have a lot to do till they will be done.
Meanwhile to keep my sanity I crocheting two new dolls which is always fun to make, at least at the beginning of the crocheting before I have to make all of the annoying details.


primdollie said...

I just found your blog a couple of days agao and have been back now several times to drool over your fabulous dolls!!!! they are each one more amazing then the next!! I would love to attempt some like this but have no idea where to start and don't crochet! I do knit is there a way to do them knitting? or is it mainly crochet that works best!!! have done cloth primitive dolls for many years and I too never sketched made me a bit crazy but would just draw the pattern and cut it out and sew it!!! are there patterns to start with for dolls like these or techniques?? thanks for the great inspiration and eye candy!!! they are so wonderful!!! thanks!
Hugs Linda
is it ok to add your blog to mine??? please let me know if this is ok!!! thanks so much!

saloia said...

hello Neta

hope all is well?!
yes scraps are part of dollmaker´s life...:)


Netamir said...

Hi Mary and linda,
Thanks for your comments, sorry for not ansewrig earlier.
hope you are well too.
Linda, I sent my answer by mail but here it is again-
I was teaching children at a one week workshop of needlecrafts and cloth doll making. It was amazing but a lot's of work and I was exhausted each day coming back home.
But well here I am.
First of all I would be glad to be added to your blog and I will add you too.
I know to crochet but not to knit so I can’t answer your question, I assume that it would be difficult to achieve the same forms in knitting because I create it during the crochet process.
There is many instructions at the net how to create knitted dolls, maybe you can take a look at those, and then try to something of your own, I make mine many times based on photos of people, or people I have on my mind, and most of the time it is a combination of both, some character I have in mind and photo's of similar characters.
Well it is a bit difficult to explain by writing.
You can take a look at my archive because I gave many examples to my process of making my dolls.
The cloth dolls are made by foam models that I use as a mannequin and try fabric pieces on, it is similar to free modeling technique that fashion designers use for patternmaking.
Lately I began to make quick sketches and use them as the base of the patternmaking, because I know already how the pattern have to look like, but I couldn't do it at the beginning.
I am thinking about publishing some tutorials of some cloth dolls soon, beside that as I already wrote you ca take a look at my blog archive I love to share my design process.

saloia said...

glad to see you are so busy!

The old photographs are actually ones we purchased on EBAY!!!

I love old pictures.

hugs for you

see you soon.