Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dolls making for young children

I am sorry for such a long absence, but here is the part of the reasons. During the last week I taught in a one-week needlecrafts workshop for 9-10 years old girls. It was during their Passover holiday which still continues. I had hesitated before I agreed to make this workshop, I had been frighten that it was going to be difficult and exhausting, and I didn't want to be a babysitter or kindergartner for the holiday time. It do was difficult and exhausting I don't really have a school teacher skills, my voice is weak and I had to scream many times in order to get their attention, but after all it was worth it. Since I don't have a lot of experience with kids (I began to work with small group only at the last month) I didn't know what are they abilities and what kind of project I should prepare for them. At the first day I taught them the basic blanket stitch and they made a tiny pillows that were added key holders and magnet to its back. At the second day we made this felt wallets, my sample is the top on the right and the others are their own creations.

This one is the back of the cherries one (bottom left at top photo)

The highlight of this workshop was the doll making.
The kids were very exited about it, I was surprised by their joy of making things by hands, by their patience and passion to the needlecrafts, I had another image at my mind for nowadays kids.
The doll at the photo above is made by me as a sample.
I designed her body and cut the fabric for them, but for the garments I prepared a papers with patterns (like the burda's patterns pages) and they cut and designed by themselves.

Unfortunately we hadn't enough time for that.
One hour before the end of the workshop the dolls were yet looked like that.
I become nervous, more then the girls were.
Chen, who was my assistant and learns graphic design at the same college were I studied fashion design (Shenkar college), told me she felt for the girls as if they should be prepared to a presentation at the Shenkar college.

One hour later the dolls were done and dressed up ready to go home.
For me it looks like they designed the dolls to look like themselves.


saloia said...

Wonderful Wonderful!
Although tiring it must be great to see them happy making their own things!
Will you be doing more?


primdollie said...

Oh how wonderful to see what the girls did and you must have been a fabulous teacher because their work shows it!!! and I know you were exhausted!!!! but happy and you had fun! it shows!!!! Hugs Linda

Netamir said...

Thank you so much,
it was great experience to me and I enjoyed it very much, I will probably make more workshops at the summer holyday and there is also a weekly workshop every Thursday afternoon that I teach.