Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Looking for inspiration

The new doll was sewn by mistake ,when I had to sew dark skin color, I sew that one.
I wanted, to make doll with a historical costume, for a long time.
The twenties flappers girls were my first choose for that.
I tried to think what make them so fascinating inspiration source for me (well and for many others).
I fall in love ten years ago when I saw the movie-"Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle ".
At the same time my parents had the first computer and internet connection so I could read many of her poems, I even tried to translate some.
I loved the sophisticated simplicity of her writing.
Maby the fashion of that period is similar in some aspects,
There is a lot of glamour and details but the basic silhouette is straight.
I have a lot of indecisions how to make it and mainly which materials to use.
I think that I will use some velvet and silk as they used at the twenties but most of the materials will be handmade combinations that will represent the period, and yet keep my dolls unique style.

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