Friday, September 22, 2006

Best friends and their favorites colors

Here she is done on time.
I think she is one of my favorites.
She will leave abroad soon, with her bright sister.
Danielle ordered this one with dark skin, but neutral color clothes.
She wear wool off-white pants, light orange silk top, which is one of my favorite colors this last year as you probably have noticed.
Her jacket made by unique orange yarn which Keren Shahar (my dearest friend) found at her Shenkar (the fashion design college) leftovers boxes.
I combined it while knitting with special yarn that make it look more floppy.
The silk of her top is from my shenkar leftovers boxes.
And here what Danielle wrote me about my colors choosing-
"And you and I are such good friends now that you psychically knew that orange is one of my favorite colors!!!!:):):)"
Sometimes it's so nice when you have the same favorites colors as your best friends...........
And here is she with her best friends .


stuffed said...

I love orange, too. She's fabulous.

Anonymous said...


C said...

Truly fantastic these dolls of yours.
I particularly like this last one. Beautiful.

C said...

They've got lots of attitude.

arlee said...

She's incredibly beautiful!
And orange is *my* favourite colour too!!!!!!!

Netamir said...

Thank you all.