Monday, June 12, 2006

Yet making the handmade shoes

I cut the soles from crok and foamed plastic sheets.

I glued everything with contact glue. I glued inside insole that I bought at shoemakers supplying shop.

My space is very limited, so my bicycle became useful too.
After I glued them I sew it at the sewing machine.

I had to decide how to finish them,
this is always the most difficult.

I became very confused with the designing part,
I realized that scaling up the doll shoes is force me firstly to use other materials and techniques then I used for the doll shoes.
It also force me to make something else with the design,
cause it wouldn't have the magic of the scaled down shoes.
Since I miss calculate that, I made a lot of experiments till I decided what I want.
Tomorrow I will sew the final pair.

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