Friday, September 23, 2016

Topsy Turvy Ilustration

About three months ago, I was asked to participate in an illustration exhibition, as part of the Tel Aviv Illustration Week.
The exhibition revolves around one fairy tale, The Red Silk Ribbon, which is quite long and has a complicated plot. In short, it tells the story of a fisherman who can't fish anymore, so in order to get more fish, he promises to let a mermaid have something he has in his own house, but doesn't know what it is yet. Apparently, it is his own son (when he arrives home, his wife tells him she is pregnant). When Lucas, the son, grows up, his life becomes quite difficult, but then, one day, he receives a gift: The ability to transform himself into four different animals, and this gift enables him to marry a beautiful princess. Meanwhile, the mermaid hasn't forgotten what she was promised, and transforms the princess into a dragon... This is a very short summary, since the fairy tale includes many more details and subplots.
I chose to illustrate two scenes depicting the transformation process in the fairy tale by creating Topsy Turvy characters who have two heads and share the same body. As I had a short time to complete the work, it was quite an intense process. Here are some images of my piece. The exhibition is already on show at Artemisia Gallery, 31 Abarbanel St., Tel Aviv, and it will continue until the end of October.

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