Saturday, July 12, 2014

Portrait Embroidery and Sock Dolls Workshop

 Two up coming workshops at my home studio.
שתי סדנאות בסטודיו  הביתי שלי באוגוסט הקרוב:
first one is the Portrait embroidery workshop, on August 8 at 9:00, you can read more details about similar workshop I conducted in Atalier FiberFusing last year
Second one is the sock doll making workshop, this workshop has two sessions, first one on Friday August 15, second one on Friday August 22.
More detail about similar sock doll workshop .
Mail or call me if you wish to know more details about each or both.
אפשר ליצור איתי קשר במייל או בטלפון לפרטים.

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