Tuesday, October 09, 2012

October Workshops

Three workshops are planned for this month. The first one, which will take place on Friday, October 19, is an embroidery portrait workshop, which deals with the subject I am most curious about at the moment: the combination of personal images and embroidery. This workshop teaches the process of transforming photography into embroidery and discusses its meanings, and also presents contemporary artists who use this combination in their work.
The second workshop, on Friday, October 26, will be an open studio, which I am going to hold once a month. My studio will be open for learning methods and techniques that I don't usually teach during my standard workshops.
The third one, on Tuesday, October 30, is my familiar animal, pet and creature sock-doll workshop.

*Contact me for any questions by e-mail or by phone (my details appear in the brochure),or subscribe to my mailing list, where I send updates about upcoming workshops.

.*צרו איתי קשר במייל או בטלפון שמופיע בברושורים להרשמה או כל שאלה, וכמו כן להרשמה לרשימת תפוצה בה אני מעדכנת לגבי סדנאות נוספות . 

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