Monday, February 28, 2011

Upcoming doll workshops

I have two doll workshops planned for next month.
The first one is the two-session traditional sock doll workshop, in which I teach how to create my anthropomorphic sock dolls. It was a long time since I have conducted this workshop, and I am so glad to hold it again. There are always new and surprising ideas that people bring with them while creating those dolls, like this one, by Sigal Maor.
The second one is new workshop for doll accessories design; I have been thinking and planning this workshop for long time.

The second workshop is a new workshop for doll accessory design; I have been contemplating and planning this workshop for quite a long time. Ever since I first created my dolls, I have been obsessed with all the tiny details, styling, and accessories. For me, those details tell the story of each doll: what it likes and dislikes, what its favorite colors are and what meaning those colors have, what kind of man or woman he or she is, and what kind of person it would have been had it been human.
Contact me for details or for subscribing to my mailing list to receive updates about upcoming workshops.

צרו איתי קשר לקבלת פרטים או להצטרפות לרשימת התפוצה שלי, שבה אני מודיעה על סדנאות חדשות.


Anonymous said...

my dear,

you are simply going to have to create an on line series of workshops where we can all do these...

get that video camera out!!

Netamir said...

I am thinking about it...but it seem to be so complicated, so I don't know when that will happen.