Monday, October 13, 2008

Sneezing, fever and cloth flower

Seems like someone doesn't like me much lately, it began about two weeks ago when I caught an awful flu. I was staying in bed with fever most the time, while I had thousands other things to finish.
Then we had some problems with one of our neighbors who totally freaked out (well sanity wasn't his main character before) complaining over and over again that Gal and me are too noisy, most of the time he is complaining about hours we were both sleeping (do you think it might be my dolls?)
Besides that there are other mysterious problems with my mail which I am not receiving (not e-mails but old fashioned mail you are receiving to your post box).
I didn't tell you yet about the holidays season here, when for three weeks most of the weekdays becoming days off so I can't even ask where my mail is, it is holidays, everything is closed.
But OK I will try to be more optimist, I did manage to do something at the last two weeks, when I had no fever I was shooting this cloth flower (made out of cotton and silk) you can see below, it is for a new art work I am going to send to Belgium soon for the new "Art 27" exhibition- "Thirty Something", but I will tell you more about tomorrow, I have to go to sleep now.


Ayala Levinger said...

Even when you don't feel well you make really the wonderful creations!! I love the rosebuds!!


Netamir said...

Thank you so much Ayala, it is so touching to read.