Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Joules Dolls

The cardigan I was crocheting last time was done yesterday. The Blond girl really liked it, but the brunette one envied on her outfit.
She was patiently waiting for long time, and it became too rainy and cold for staying naked all day long.

For that reason I gave her the blond girl shirt (which was turned out to be a nice dress). The blond girl got a lace shirt instead and seemed satisfied with it, the new black lace shirt was much more her style.

This noon I finally got to paint their faces.

Even thought they are so small it is a long process.
I was painting both faces more or less at the same time.
It seemed like the blond girl didn't like it much, this is what I saw when I was back from replacing the brushes water .
I assumed that the blond girl didn't like the idea that she is not the first any more, but then I figured out she was angry that I gave her shirt to the brunette one, without asking her permission.

I was so angry, but took up the brunette one and finished to paint

both of their faces. Then she apologized.