Friday, August 29, 2008

Two girls and dogs

I already wrote about the awful and humid weather here. This week it is just becoming even worst, it's not a weather that makes you feel like crocheting, so at the last week me and the (half done) crochet doll were busy with creating new mini dolls.
It is such a sisyphean work to do,enough of it and quit. after a while the
the crochet doll quited.
I finished the work by myself, now they are done and here they are, two girls going out with their

They are both listed at my etsy store, check them out here and here.


Ayala Levinger said...


neta said...


info said...

Once again, Neta.
Gerlinde from Belgium

neta said...

Hi Gerlinde, so glad to see you here:)

herzensart journal said...

they are so fun! Love their punky style :o)

Martine said...

I love em!
But you send the pour girls out for a walk when the weather is so awfull? ??????????????
Summer is going to an end here in the low lands.

neta said...

Thanks Sandra:)
Sorry Martine, but someone has to take the dogs out, but don't worry, the weather is getting better here.