Thursday, March 27, 2008

Geranium,dolls and hearts

I love my geranium much more since I stitched the leaves, but being concentrated by it for so
long make me dream about it at night and wonder about cloth geranium matters all over the day.

Yesterday I had another funny conversation about the dolls hearts.
I read my 6-7 years old students what violletta wrote at my myspace blog - " I think a doll gets symbolically a heart as soon as someone begins to love her".
The girl who said last time that a doll get heart only when it is being done, very seriously said, that it could be, but she yet believes that only when a doll been done one can know whether he loves it .
There was other sophisticated answer by one of the boys who said that when a doll is done, it can drive to a store and buy a heart, it was really important for him to emphasize that it would drive, not walk.

Back home, there is geranium flowers to be done, do you think it is the same with plants?
Should I wait till it would be done and then ask one of my dolls drive to their famous hearts store and get one for my geranium?
I love my geranium but I will know for sure only when it would be done.


Anonymous said...

I think your geranium already has a heart. Given to it by you by the first stitches. Allmost visible.

saloia said...

it´s absolutely lovely

Clara Montagut said...

Hi, I love your work. It´s absolutely lovely

Netamir said...

Thank you so much, Martine, Marry and Chula