Monday, November 05, 2007

Naming Ceremony

Yesterday I took some of my dolls to show to three girls at the ages of Ten and thirteen, that I teach every Sunday afternoon.
These three are the sweetest commentators on my dolls ever (please don't offend I love yours comments too).
They were so curious about the dolls and their making of.
Firstly they were fascinated to reveal all the tiny details I put in each doll, and didn't stop telling to each other: "oh did you noticed this or that...", "oh didn't you saw her earring and her tattoos".
I was so thrilled!
When I tried to put the dolls back into the basket they immediately asked me to take them out again.
It was as if a bunch of people came into the studio and now they wouldn’t go out before the girls (and me too) will know everything about them, their life and all of their biographic details. It was just the way I wished someone will look at my dolls.
It was different from the way adults respond, It was much about the dolls personalities, not only about the way they look like or how I managed to create them.
It seemed that each detail is really important and meaningful. Many times while making I am wondering whether I should add something and whether it is really important to represent a specific character. Yesterday it was as if the girls read my mind and actually answered all the questions I had in my mind.
They also named some of the dolls :
The crochet lady at the center named as Valeria (could also be Valerie). She was abounded at the age of nine in an orphanage, all of this took place in England.
The Blond girl on her left named as Nancy, they said that she look a bit evil, and I suggested Nancy, with Nancy from "Little House on the Prairie" on my mind (they knew what I am talking about though Little House on the Prairie was not on TV since my childhood!). Her dog named pistachio but I don't remember the explanation.
The girl with the red hair and red dog named Nelly, there was no explanation, they decided it immediately, because she looked like Nelly. Her dog named Pipke after the dog at "Pünktchen und Anton" by Erich Kastner.

The lady in black and her boyfriend weren't named yet, Any suggestions?


lilarey said...

Your dolls are beatiful, they have a big personality!!!!

anna said...

I loved this post neta! I know exactly what you mean about the way children look differently at's so encouraging when they're excited about stuff like this. And they're right...these dolls are absolutely wonderful.