Sunday, November 11, 2007

Creature for hugging

The dwarfs from last post were probably too busy at the last few days, and I
had to do everything by myself, what means that many of the things I planed to do will have to wait till next week.
I hope they will find some spare time for me and for my dolls, there is yet many tasks at my list.
Today I finished this creature.
The story of creating him began with an evening walk around the neighborhood after long day of hand stitching. Outside of a sewing workshop I found a sack full of fabric scarps waiting to the garbage truck, I immediately decided to adopt it, with no idea what I am going to use it for and despite the luck of space in my studio. Few days after many of the scraps were already cut into ribbons and became a cloth yarn. I began to crochet it and this creature came out.
His nose is made by mohair wool, his eyes are huge marbles covered with socks (so does his nose) and hand painted.
He is now listed at my etsy store .


saloia said...



i love his snout :)!

kdmade said...

I love your work! I found you on the front page (congrats!) of etsy. Just deciding what color shoes to get....and adding your link to my blog, if you don't mind!

primdollie said...

fabulous!! I just love him and as always your work is delightful!!! Hugs Linda

Netamir said...

Thank you all so much.
Thanks for linking me and ordering my shoes kdmade.
Many hugs Mary, Linda and Kristina.