Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"I Wish I Could Go Travelling Again"

I turned the radio on earlier this evening, it was the daily jazz program, and they opened it with "I Wish I Could Go Travelling Again " by the American jazz singer Stacy Kent, who I have never heard about before.
It was precisely how I felt today, after frustrating argument with our flat owner, it was one of the stupidest arguments I have ever had, which almost ended with “I don't want to deal with you anymore, you should leave the apartment till the end of the month.”
Then I apologized even though I didn't felt like, but he was insisting that we have to leave.
When I hang up I immediately opened the local “rent a flat” site, but everyone knows that finding a flat in Tel-Aviv is almost impossible at the last two years, mainly if you don't have lots of money.
After reading three or four not attractive offers, it was him again on the phone, asking when can he come with potential renters to show the apartment, and telling by the way that probably he wouldn't have to, because there is a certain lady that wants one of his apartments for a long time. "well why don't you bring the certain lady first?" I replied. Then he blamed me for making hard time for him and us... and the renewal of our rental contract became relevant again.
Blah blah blah... I apologized again... OK, he agreed to renew the contract with us.
Oh, and what was it all about?
I told him that this year we will pay with Gal's cheques instead of mine, I haven't even imagined he would be bothered by it, Gal is a programmer and earn much better then I am.
Besides that I live in this apartment for three years already, Gal moved half a year after and we never late with the rent payment - cross my heart (and I'm a Jew).
Till this year I made most of the arrangements and talking with the owner, so he claimed that he can't accept Gal's cheques cause he doesn't know who he is and he never met him Blah Blah Blah...., I am not mentioning that he have some of my opened cheques, just in case and some other just for security, and my parents signed on the contract as guaranteeing, so I guess it wouldn’t be the easiest move, just stop paying, running away or I don’t know what else he was so frightened from.
If I have just could imagine there would be some problems with Gal's cheques I would order some of mine from the bank in advance.
It ended with us agreeing that tomorrow evening we will renew the contract,
but I was so nervous that I couldn't concentrate in my work and just wishing I could go to Sifnos again

These photos are from the Sifnos folk art museum.
All the museum is two rooms that looks like that, there is plenty of stuff, unsorted in some mess that mentions a flea market or second hand shop. There are books, wood handicrafts, weapons, clays and of course textile.
There is no sections for each field, and if there is some order in the way items are exhibited I haven't noticed it.
The description of each item handwritten.

I was fascinated by some of the textile items.
It is look exactly like the Siphnos view but made by embroidery.

This looms are dolls house looms. They are very small, but yet have all the loom functions and as you can see there is a piece of cloth that woven on it,

and a tiny wood boat sailing on its waves.
Just wish I could go travelling again........


saloia said...

oh my!
what to say? take a deep breath and yes imagine those blue blue waters and this wonderful wonderful museum.

and Neta it is good to write no?
I can imagine you all furious typing and swearing under your breath and talking to yourself!! *hihihi* !!!

and crossing your heart ...you made me laugh!

i am so glad i "know" you!


Netamir said...

Thanks Mary, you don't know how much I am glad for knowing you.
Reading your comment this morning made me feel much better.
Huge hugs to you

Belinha Fernandes said...

Cool dolls you make!!With piercings!!!So funny!;-)

saloia said...


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