Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mess and links

My last few days looked like that most of the time, creating this Lilliputians make a lot of mess, I am posting the photo of my desk, which is photogenic considering how does the rest of the room looks like.
Putting order in this is to much for me this morning so at least I tried to organize my blog links, there are some great stuff I added and some great old ones.
Popplina is one of the first I listed when I began this blog. Her blog is one of my favorites, I really appreciate her craft&art work, her writing is both sophisticated and touching. you most read this post where she describing the world of the crafter's, if you are crofters by yourself I assume you will find it touching and precise as did I.
Whipup is probably familiar to everyone who is in the crafts, but it is always great to go back there, they even featured me few times which is great honor, here is the last one .
The etsy lab is another wonderful project of etsy, reading this blog make me wishing to move to Brooklyn and visit their workshops daily, for people like me who live at the other side of the world they have this blog with some craft projects tutorials, check out this one I tried it at home it's great fun.
I will be back to my Lilliputians, there is so many links to mention, just take a look at my side bar.
The girl in the blue dress will be listed later today at my etsy store, I will post about her (she has a little motorcycle) then.

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