Saturday, June 16, 2007

Homemade shoes

I walk around at the last few days in my new shoes, to confirm they are resistant and comfortable for outside walking.
These are the shoes version to my slippers, My slippers were the scaled up version to my doll's shoes.
My fears were not came true, I felt quite comfortable and the shoes came back home at the same condition as they
went out.
The insoles are removable and washable.

The soles are made from foamed plastic ( kind of rubber).
They are now listed at my etsy store


zoesquid said...

Love your work and your blog. Ive just started my own blog and have added you to my list - hope thats ok.

Anonymous said...

These shoes are really amazing. I can't imagine being able to make something like this, that could be worn outside and still look beautiful. Wow.

Netamir said...

Thanks Zoesuid,glad to be add to your blog wish you luck and will add you too.

I am so thrilled by your comment here, since when I see one of your birds I just feel the same, I adore your ability to create such a beautiful and minimalist objects.

Gabriela said...

Love these!

ThreeGreenApples said...

Netaaaa, can I express my love for these shoes again? I think they are incredible!!! I think my pieces are also a result of some kind of an evolution from one item... it's a fascinating process :)

thewavedm said...

hey, i just wanted to say that i am very impressed with your work. I just had a few questions. Where did you obtain the soles? Did you just sew the cotton and the rubber together? is there any glue involved? Also are they hand sewn or machine sewn? If you could get back to me, that would be greatly appreciated? Again i think your stuff is awesome.