Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Homemade red shoes.

Red days are back,
this is my first custom order shoes, red Mary Jane in Dorothy style.
So glad it finally done.

I made them and one slippers pair at the same time, It was too much red at once, when it's all was done I just wanted to fall in sleep for few days.
I don’t know what really made me so sleepy yesterday but there is something about this red that I can’t ignore.
I assume that my best slippers and now also shoes, are those that sewn in this color.
I wear a top in the same color when I went to the shop to buy the fabric I use for the lining, the seller immediately mentioned this matching, and add that I probably had some weakness for it, at the first moment I just wanted to say that this is what I was requested, but after a quick thinking I
Just said it's true.
Since I was very young I remember that this red was my favorite, not only among the other reds but among all the other colors too.

This is the soles point of view.

The shoes front

New soles vs one week old.

Red vs beige

*The shoes are at my store if you wish the same red shoes just drop me a line.


ThreeGreenApples said...

GREAT work!!!... very skilled as always :))

Denise Falck said...

Uau! This is wonderful... very great shoes. I loved :-)
You are very creative :-D

Anonymous said...

Well done job!! Those shoes looks very simple and comfy. I want 2 pairs one for me and one for my daughter.