Thursday, May 17, 2007

The new socks

Scaling up a bit a gain this socks couple is 37cm, I had to cut few pairs and separated socks in order to sew them and their garments. They are all made by old socks that I found at our drawers, now I have to look into my family and friends drawers to make the next ones. The faces are painted and embroidery.
first I painted it and I loved the painted faces as they were an left them to dry on my desk.
when Gal came back from work I introduced them to him, and take a further look by myself, I didn't like the way they looked like and felt like all the work I made on the faces should be redone.
I didn’t like the character and expression they had with the paint, actually they seemed less of character or expression.
It tooks some few more hours, and when it became close to 3:00 am they became much more friendly but also mysterious.
Well here they are.


primdollie said...

oh they are truly spectacular dear!!! I love their faces a lot and their outfits are fabulous I love that they are made of socks!!! and very fine ones at that!!!! very cool and as always your work is so wonderful and inspiring!! need to make dolls now!!!! Hugs Linda

saloia said...


ana lebre said...

I like them, wonderful!

Mr Putty Pants said...

These guys are awesome.