Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Does my heart going to be broken?

This girl is waiting for a while on my old sideboard,
she almost disappeared between different kinds of paper and receipts, waiting to be filed.
I left her there about two weeks ago with some despair feel.
I was satisfied by my achievement to create it's sculptural structure, which I create by small pieces that I sew into the basic crochet body and faces.
The problem was I didn't know how to go on, and what character to give her.
Many times I led by a feeling of hatred to my creation and tried to fix something I thought I didn't like at all.
But the fear from destroying something I like won.

She is out now so I guess I would have to make something, hope it wouldn't lead me to break my own heart.


Anonymous said...

wow! she's beautiful! I admire you for the amazing shaping. Very beautiful!

Netamir said...

Thansk Goggy, very glad about your visiting at my blog.