Saturday, January 20, 2007

The new hairy and thoughtful creatures

Their eyes which made by glass beads makes them thoughtful,
Their hairy long ears which was made by vintage yarns make them very playful.
I found this yarn in a hidden store which is located at an old apartment.
It's very close to my home, it's located in a small street close to Levinsky market which is the spices market of Tel Aviv.
The yarns are placed on old metal shelves (warehouses like).
The owner is an old man and often when you come in you should wake him up.
He would jump with fear and will hardly answer to your questions.
When you wish to pay he will weight the yarns in a scales with iron weights at one side.
The store is open only between 9am to 2.30am and if it's too rainy or too hot it will probably be closed.
you can’t arrive there unless you know the exact address because there is only hidden placard
at the main entrance of the building, which is an apartment building.
He has many kinds of yarns: synthetics, ordinary acrylic, the highlights for me are vintage cotton yarns from the seventies or even earlier.
I have this yarns for a few months but I didn't know how to use them, till these creatures appeared suddenly, and asked for something special to their ears.
It was perfect for that purpose.
*You can visit my etsy store if you wish to hold this soft and hairy creature by your hands.

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Anonymous said...

this post is especially interesting. made me want to visit this store althought I don't really need any yarn. and the dogs are lovely!

frozen orange :-)