Monday, January 15, 2007

Dogs at the river

The crochet dogs are finally following the crochet creatures and going out on their journey. The creatures journey down to the river was extremely successfull.
Firstly, they were invited by Giovanni Sarani to visit Venice when they arrived to his myspace page.
It was a great fun for them, and today they also received a great news.
The two creatures were announced that they are going to cross the Ocean on their way for a new home at the United states.
It seems to be a great home. you can read more about it here.
It makes the crochet dogs jealous.
They were so jealous that Giovanni had to wrote me every day to tell me how restless they are at his page.
I didn't know what to do till Giovanni had the brilliant idea to let the dogs go to a boat journey by their own.
Today finally was a great weather for that kind of journey.
They departed at the river............

They had enough time to rest on the grass.
and these two left their clothes off on the boat and jumped into the cold water.
It was so fun.

So they even didn't notice what was going on behind their back.
*you can read the funny comment's of Giovanny's at my myspace page here
(you should roll the page down till the comments part)

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Hilde C. said...

It sounds like they had a wonderful day :-)