Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The naked doll, dressed.

Most of my dolls till today were made only by the traditional textile techniques, this one is different. For the first time I made a cloth doll which is painted,I paint all over her body and face, with few layers of textile colors(see her begining here).Afterwards I emphasize some of her face features so I did for her body (here she is naked) .I love way she look very much and it was very difficult to me to make her garments, she seems to me some kind of selfish beautiful lady that wouldn't appreciate the effort any of my design, the help of the redhead and pinkhead was useful buat not enough I tried few outfits but nothing was good enough.Well at the end this black dress with the red lining and the crochet cardigan were satisfying.
*She is now listed at my etsy store

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