Tuesday, September 19, 2006

rescuing crafters

I woke up this morning with a strange and nervous mood, I always have this fear that I will have to look again for proper job with a proper income, and leave bobilina studio behind, only as a hobby for weekends. Sometimes this economic worries make me so stress so I don't know what should I do first. This week I want to finish the dark skin doll and I hope that this time I will keep my wishful schedule. It much more difficult when you don't have someone who make it for you, only these thinking can make me worried and stress. When I feel like that it always nice to pose the done dolls to pretend that they can craft the doll instead of me.

The cloth lady Embroidering her mouth.

The crafty dogs unpicked the crochet pieces in order to create the curly hair.

Even she get tired at noon.


Anonymous said...

love your iron (and the dolls, of course)

Netamir said...

Thanks, Shula, Yes it's a great iron, my mother bought it to my birthday last year.