Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gili's business card

I feel bit useless at the last few days. I am looking for a part time job that I hope will help me to finance all the dolls making. Since I quit my fashion full time job I work in different kinds of temporary jobs for students. two weeks ago I left one of them. It left me a lot of time for the dolls making and less money at my bank account.
I thought about ideas for new projects, but I yet don't know with which of them to begin.
Meanwhile I'm sitting in front of the screen and trying to make a decisions. Last Friday I talked with my friend Gili the puppeteer (Some of her work can be seen here). She asked my help with her business card, and I was glad that I will be able to do something useful at this staring time front of the screen.

-I began with something that she designed few years ago.
This red hair caracter look like her.
-I tried to design the new Gili by flash mx.
-Then those two jump out, and beg to a bit of fame.

-We made auditions
-This one won.

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