Thursday, March 16, 2006

staring dolls

Since Sunday I was making new couple of cloth dolls this one is the fourth. The making of it long at least one week if I intensively working. I send the first couple I made at last Friday, and began the new one since I left without any couple at my home. I don't know why but I feel some kind of emptiness and hardly make myself doing everything I have to do for creating those dolls. Every morning I spend at least one hour staring at flickr, checking if there is something new there or here at my blog, at my mail or at my shop , and then over and over again.
It's quite pointless, I just got that mood this week and hardly hardly move myself from that chair.
If I do manage to move myself I am taking more photos of the dolls I have here.
That is a good reason to come back to my computer corner and go on staring at the screen.
I have the excuse that I have to edit the photos.
Then I found out that the dolls at the photos are just sitting and daydreaming like I do.


Anonymous said...

oh...we do that here too. so much work to do, yet so much time on myspace, flickr, email, and etsy...dont fight it. go with it.

nico said...

haha me too i am like this. every morning and before going to sleep...over and over, round and round, etsy, my blog, flickr, myspace, email, site meter and back again. :P
the doll stories are growing! and they are all very entertaining to read and to look at !