Sunday, March 26, 2006

Saturday morning walk

She is done, completely, with all of her garments and accessories. I already listed her and her young cloth fellow at my shop few days ago. I have a lot of photo of her in different poses. I found out that one of the most difficult parts is choosing which photo to show and which leave sleeping at my hardisc. It's much easier to take many photos, then choosing the best from them. Sometimes there is a photo which is not from the best shoots but yet tell something that I like to

This morning I fel that I yet don't have enough interesting photos from this couple. It was Saturday and sunny outside, we went four of us (Gal, the fourth cloth couple and me) to Neve Tzedek.

We found this quite corner with trees, grass, and children playing around, at Suzanne Dellal Center. This girl was worried about three other girls with rollerblades she lost.

I placed them at the ground in order to take a family shoot of them, together. It was the first time I took my dolls to a walk outside at Tel Aviv, but I feel little weird about that because when I look at these photos, it seems as if we went to another city, which is quite and calm not like Tel Aviv is, and not like the way I was today, stressed and nervous. When I published this photo at flickr , I received a comment from Syrian pharmacist.

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