Sunday, April 26, 2009

Have you ever walked in a paper clog?

Few weeks ago, when sales began to drop down at my Etsy store, I began to think of creating more summer products. Almost since I began to design my first slippers I was curious to know how I can sew clogs. For me this is the proffered slippers shape as I only had to slip my feet in. I have one pair of slippers clogs which I bought in the market about 4 years ago but they are already worn out.
So, as I got some free time from the winter orders I began with the pattern making. Of course there were much more problems then I could imagine in advance.
I was trying to sew them in a few different ways, but everything seemed to go wrong with it.
After few days I just had enough and decided to leave it and make some birds instead.
When the birds were done I got the idea to try another pattern, it went much easier this time. The new pattern was based on my slippers pattern with some adjustment for the clogs and new sewing system for the uppers. Since it based on much easier sewing system than those I tried before, I could attach the paper parts together with sewing needles in order to give this solution a try before the cutting and sewing of the fabrics.

Today, the final prototype is done, the old clogs are going to be thrown away soon.
These slippers now can be ordered from my etsy store.