Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mr. marionette

Let me introduce you Mr. Bobilina Scraps, one of my dearest marionette friend.

I created him a while ago, when I was asked to make some offer for recycled puppets workshop, this workshop didn't take place yet and Mr. Bobilina Scraps was left bored and lonely on our library.

He was so glad when three weeks ago I had to teach another workshop at the Recycling Center at the Hiriya Park.

Mr. Bobilina scraps made out of my fabrics leftovers. I never throw them away, so I have sooo many of them definitely too much. Small pieces particularly, those you really can't do anything with. Every time I was organizing my tiny studio I was considering throwing some of the fabrics scraps, but my heart never let me, I just replaced the storage box to bigger one each time. When I created Mr. Bobilina scraps it was the biggest one.

At first I created its head, I picked up only white pieces for it, and wrapped them one on another till I got the head shape. Then I threaded folded pieces on four different threads- for the legs and the arms. I sew it all to the torso, which created in the same way but with wider pieces. I attached all the parts together, and the last thing I had to do is connecting the marionette strings.

This photo is by Ilan Amihai
The one in the purple shirt is me.
Actually few days before the workshop took place I figured out that creating fellow Mr. Bobilina scraps marionettes may be too difficult for the young kids and their impatience parents (the ordinary audience of these workshops), so I created bunch of new easy to make dolls and marionettes samples. As this post is becoming too long and the hour too late I assume it would be better introducing them tomorrow.


urban craft said...

Wow, super wicked design work. I love it!

Netamir said...

Thank you:)

Victoria said...

You are so clever! I like the way your mind works!