Friday, October 17, 2008

The Rosebud

Earlier today I sent this work to Belgium, it will take part in the Thirty Something exhibition organized by Art 27.
I met Gerlinde, herwig and Jan from Art27 last May when they came to see my exhibition at Maastricht. I was glad to take part in the exhibition they were organizing at abandoned medical center before it was demolished. I created my Buba installation for that exhibition.
This November they are opening another exhibition, this time the subject is the human right declaration. Each artist chooses one of the declaration's 30 articles and create an art work related to it.
I chose the article declaring the right for privacy.

For this exhibition I created the cloth rosebud.
The buds always get the protection of the petals before it gets out blooming. The importance of this process in the flowers world is very clear.
For me as a young girl this kind of protection was not so clear, as my parents chose to live in a socialistic community, more known as the Israeli Kibbutz, where kids were slipping together since they were three months old in separate houses then the parents were. I was raised like that till the end of high school.
The experience of having no private corner for myself as a child, brought me to be always bothered and anxious for my privacy as a grown up. For that reason it was clear to me that I would like to deal with this article.

When the cloth bud was done I began to shoot it from different directions and angles. Even though I created this piece by myself, I found out many details I didn't noticed before and was fascinated by it. The zoom shooting made the bud look different, details like the white thin thread I crocheted around the petals looked like a rope in the photos, and the delicate texture of the white silk fabric I used to create the bud itself looked like a rough linen. It seems to me that in the zoom shooting the tiny little bud looks like a weird creature, some kind of unknown animal or monster.
From more then 300 shoots of the bud I took I chose this one. At the background I placed my Geranium, you can't recognize it, it is blurred because I used wide-opened aperture. I just placed it there since I didn't want a plain background. When I look at the shootings it seems like the Geranium is looking back on me while shooting the bud or inspecting the

bud like a big brother.

On the side of the photo I decided to place the bud itself. I was interested in this kind of relationship between the object and its photo.


Anonymous said...

This is so brilliant! I love it. It is beautiful, personal and meaningful.

I spent a summer at Beit Hashita when I was 15 and it really changed me as a teenager in suburban America.

Anonymous said...

Neta I think your rosebud is fabulous. I'm going to try to visit the exibition in art27.

Netamir said...

Hi Abby Jane,
Thank you very much for your comment I was really touched to read.
You made me curious about your experience.
Dear Martine,
thank you very much, it would be great if you will visit the exhibition, I wouldn't be there this time, so send my greeting to the bud:)