Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Couple of artists

Lately I missed a bit some of my dolls which I already sent abroad, so I decided to feature them on magnets. I know they are spending great time there, this is something I am really glad about, that the people who bought my dolls are keeping in touch with me and I know what is going on with my dolls overseas.
This couple for instance was cheering up someone who had to spent long time in hospital. As I was reported they were doing it quite well and even stimulated the doctors and nurses curiosity

I like this couple, they are both really artistic.
About the woman I don't know whether she was singer, dancer, painter or maybe a bit of all. Nowadays she is taking some time off, but I assume she is preparing her comeback.

The man as you can see is a writer, deep in his thoughts, concentrating in a some sentence he is trying to compose for long hours already. He is spending his days like that for years.
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