Sunday, March 30, 2008

Christmas of dolls

I post last year about the Christmas tree project by one of my costumer who decorated her christmas tree with her great collection of mini dolls. Last week I received the photo of last Christmas with close ups of new 2007 ornaments. It is great to see my dolls in this wonderful collection, bonding with some of my favorite artists dolls.

These paper dolls are by Pinpals

Those on the top are by skullnocker and bottom by Mark Henderson.
They are made by composite cement, his work was favorite by my grandmother, who was so impressed by this project, didn't stop saying what a great new form of art it is.

Top on this page are charming dollygagging, right at the middle row is zzbeadz, the two other at the same row and at the bottom are the cute creatures by the Londoners artist Novembermoon

This page is one of my most favorites: at the top is Elsita's dolls, whom I already mentioned here before, and the bottom are delightful flummeries.

You can guess who made the six on the top, at the right bottom it is threecrowscawing and two on the left are by great splink.
This are only few photos there were many more, but I have to go back to my Geranium.
See you later and thank you so much Danielle for the photos.

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Anonymous said...

great tree!!!!!
i loved seeing the "Henderson Heads" on the tree...great creative idea.