Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sending out new roots

At the last few days, the geranium flowers I picked from my father garden few weeks ago are been wilted.

It is been wilted since I began stitching the cloth flowers.
Each geranium flower is made up of many small units, so I spent few days stitching these small units.
Let's say it is not fascinating making one hundred of them, the skin of my fingers became stiff and heart when I am making more then five at once, it is very slowly too.
Stitching them made me feel desperate, regretting I began with it at first place.

This morning I already had enough to gather them into flowers.

My geranium branch seems to be dying so I took this photos for "immortalizing".

Then I noticed that there is new leaves growing up.

And it is even sending out new roots. I thought that when the flower are wilted the branch will pass away quickly.
Those new leave and root made me so happy, while I was into the small flowers stitching I didn't pay any attention for what is going on around me, unless it was being wilted, and suddenly what a surprise.
I think it is some kind of sign or something the plant trying to say, like: "hey, I am not only my flowers, you must look much more carefully in order to know who I really am and how I really feel, it is much more complicated then one can see at a glance".
I can remember many situations in my life I wanted to say that to others, don't you?

Meanwhile the first cloth flower was stitched together.


saloia said...

yes i would agree with that..

and if you plant geranium in soil it will bring you many happy returns ...

FairiesNest said...

That is a lovely sentiment and one that I agree with whole heartedly! ...and the flowers are looking lovely even as their model passes on to another stage of life...

ruby-crowned kinglette said...

your geraniums are so beautiful... i a loving what you are doing.

Netamir said...

Thanks Marry, I think I will go for the soil idea:)
Fairiesnest, thank it is really touching to read your words, and yours Stephanie too.

Anonymous said...

Is n't that wonderfull what we can learn from plants?

Debi van Zyl said...

these are so wonderful... and the surprise of the roots is so wonderful!

Netamir said...

Thanks Martine and Debi