Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Craft with kids -part 2

The fingers puppets are been made by my six and seven years old pupils.
I posted their creations about two months ago, they are not done yet, but looking at the way they made through the last two months make me feel proud.

These two are some of my favorites, I like the way they were so thoughtfully designed.
It is important for me, that my class wouldn't be only about stitching correctly, so I was really touched by these puppets, when I saw the girls who made them paid so much attention to the design process.

This puppet looks a bit like the boy who made it, not really understanding what is going on around, what everyone wants from him, and why no one understands him.
I love this kid very much, though I probably one of those who doesn't understand him. He reminds me how I was and felt at the same age (maybe not only at the same age).


anna said...

This is a wonderful project for those children to have been part of - and I agree, the design aspect is beautiful!

Sandra Monat said...

yes absolutely beautiful! Are you teaching?

Netamir said...

yes I am teaching three classes a week, those made by 6 to 7 years old kids.