Monday, December 31, 2007

Wonderful new year

It was probably the Christmas time that turned December to some kind slippers endless festive at my home, actually it began much earlier somewhere early October, but some of the orders were done only at the end of last week.
some customer who order a pair for his wife -"I'm a man and suffer from a condition that makes me shop too late".
Well others just bought a Christmas present to themselves and could cope with the delay.

It was great festive but I am missing the dolls making!
Far away at the Dutch city of Maastricht, my softies enjoyed a real Christmas at the "HuismethetHandje" the home and and in house gallery of Gonnie Meijer & Paul Tieman, where I was invited to exhibit this May, My exhibition will be included at the 2008 "kunst tour", a festival of visual arts in Maastricht which began as a local open studios event and has grown in the last few years into an important art event. One of its attractions is the exhibiting of international artists at local galleries and studios that create unique inter-cultural cooperation.
The cat and dog were really glad and excited about this invitation (as did I), they asked me to go earlier, in order to make some arrangements before my arrival...
I will tell more about it at the next posts, but meanwhile you can enjoy the fascinated art made by Paul Tieman.
Wish you all wonderful new year!!!!


shula said...

Such wonderful shoes.

Happy new year, Neta.

Netamir said...

Thanks Shula.